At Sea Change we encourage you to do as little or as much as you want. Our remote island location offers the chance to completely unwind and disconnect from the world - so a busy day for you might consist of having a leisurely breakfast, reading a good book in your private garden hammock, napping on our wide sandy beach, having a relaxing massage, cooling off with a quick swim and deciding on what to have for dinner as you enjoy our cocktail of the day.

For those who seek a bit more adventure or want to stretch those muscles we offer a wide selection of complimentary activities as well as paid excursions you can include with your booking or select when you are here. You can also book meal packages for adults and children (we strongly encourage this as there are no shops on our island!). We also offer special packages (please inquire) and focused retreats as described below.

Prices shown are 2019 rates per person (NZ $s) & some experiences are weather permitting

Meal packages

At Sea Change we place a strong focus on offering high quality food, and plenty of it so you won’t go hungry. Our menus offer a range of choices, and we also cater for special dietary needs if you let us know in advance. We strongly encourage you to include a meal package with each person staying as Uoleva Island is truly remote and has no shops or roads! Our meal packages for both adults and children include breakfast, lunch, a two course dinner & water, tea and coffee. More details can be found on our Food and Drinks page.

$90 day/adult
$60 day/child (ages 11 and under)

Whale watching/swimming experience (available from July to October)

Sea Change operates Ha’apai Whale and Sail, which is the longest operating whale watching/swimming business in Ha’apai. Seeing a humpback mother and calf is a life changing experience! Tonga is one of two places in the world where you are allowed to swim with humpback whales. Each year humpbacks migrate from Antarctica to Tonga to give birth to their young and raise them in our safe waters before returning home. They start to arrive in July and can be seen as late as November. It is not uncommon to see them breach right in front of our retreat. Peak months to see the whales are mid-July to early October, but we usually see plenty of them through the end of October into November. Our fully qualified boat skipper and whale watch/swim guides will take you out on the water to see the whales and swim with ones who are receptive to our presence (you can stay on the boat if you prefer to watch from above). We will stop for a lunch or afternoon tea break and you can snorkel on some of our stunning outer reefs if you wish. Please note that we limit a maximum of 4 swimmers in the water at a time per Tongan rules.  We also cannot guarantee whale sightings as the whales are not under our control, and we also cannot control the weather and are subject to acceptable sea conditions to maintain safety at all times.  Our price for a whale watch/swim excursion for guests staying at Sea Change is;

$240 (includes lunch and snorkeling on our outer reefs) – (cost for non-resident guests is $265)

Dinner on the beach

As a special treat you can request a private candlelit dinner to be served on our beach.


Island walk with picnic lunch

A walk around our island is a must! Stroll along wide sandy beaches, stop for a swim or snorkel at one of our many reefs, explore the inner island to find the ancient stone ruins and enjoy a picnic lunch packed by us.

We also have a path that cuts through from our resort to the other side of the island and there is wonderful snorkeling there! We can pack you a lunch and you can take snorkeling gear with you and you can spend the day or afternoon enjoying the other side of our island which is very different!


Private island castaway day

There are a number of uninhabited micro-islands nestled in stunning reefs within a 30 minute boat ride from Sea Change. If you fancy a unique and special day on one of these islands we will pack a lunch and drop you off for your own private adventure. We will also provide beach towels, snorkeling equipment and a mobile phone/radio so that you can let us know when you want to be picked up. This is based on boat availability.

$115 (price per person based on minimum of 2)

Informal yoga and fitness

As of April 2017 Sea Change built a new exercise pavilion nestled in our shaded coconut forest designed for yoga and fitness practitioners. We will occasionally offer casual sessions and you are welcome to join us for these informal sessions, and our pavilion is always available for your use. We will also run dedicated yoga and fitness retreats with qualified instructors (please see above and below for more information).

Relaxation massage (available from July to October)

Maria (co-owner of Sea Change) is a qualified relaxation massage therapist and provides a selection of options (full body, head, neck and shoulders, etc.) for those who need some special pampering or have sore muscles that need relief. Enjoy your experience in our private massage fale which has views of the sea and provides a truly unique and relaxing environment. The standard price for an hour massage is:


Scuba Diving

Diving in the Ha’apai Islands is superb. The water clarity is excellent and the large number of reefs are teeming with fascinating sea life. We are happy to put you in touch with the local dive operator for daily scuba diving which includes two tank dives and lunch. The dive boat will pick you up from our beach, and they can provide all equipment including a wet suit. The local dive operation is also certified to provide lessons and various levels of PADI certification, so please inquire if you would like training when you are here.

Please email us for us to put you in contact with our local dive operators who can help you plan your diving.

Kite Surfing

For those talented kite surfers the waters around Uoleva Island provide perfect conditions for this sport. You must bring your own equipment and we do not provide lessons, but if you are a keen kite surfer you will love Uoleva!


Kayaking & Standup Paddle Boarding (SUP)

We provide complimentary equipment for those who enjoy these sports or just want to give it a try.


Near shore snorkeling

We provide complimentary snorkeling gear and there are excellent spots around our island to snorkel out over close by reefs. Upon request, we can accompany you to ensure you find the right spots.


Outer reef snorkeling from our boat

Spend a few hours snorkeling on some of our amazing outer reefs from one of our boats. Tea/coffee and biscuits are provided. This is based on boat availability.

$85 (price per person based on minimum of 2)

Bonfires on the beach

Occasionally we like to light a bonfire on our beach and enjoy the stars. You are always welcome to join, and don’t be surprised if we break out a guitar and start singing.

Tour of local villages

Our island is adjacent to other islands which have inhabited Tongan villages. We can organise a tour of one of these villages including attending a Tongan church service on Sundays.


Yoga, Fitness, Singing & Meditation Retreats

At Sea Change our core operating theme is to provide a place of physical and mental well-being & healing. Owners Clint and Maria both are passionate about these principles, and are avid practitioners in the areas of music, fitness and mental wellbeing. As such we are very excited to start hosting/running focused retreats in the areas of Yoga, Fitness & Nutrition, Singing (choir group format) & Meditation. Our retreats will be run by recognised professionals in these areas, including Maria who has been involved with music her whole life and is an experienced choir director. We will announce details of these retreats on our website, but please email us if you are interested in attending one.

Please inquire for pricing