At Sea Change we place a very high priority on offering delicious food and drinks (non-alcoholic and alcoholic). We’ve developed our menu and bar choices based on our experiences at resorts around the South Pacific – and the best of what Tonga has to offer. This includes fresh fish, beef and chicken from New Zealand, local fruits and vegetables - including coconuts from our trees and herbs and vegetables we grow in our very own hydroponic garden!

At Sea Change you won’t go hungry and you won’t get thirsty. Each day we offer breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our fully stocked bar includes cocktails of the day, imported wines, local and imported beers, teas and coffee, fruit smoothies, juices, soft drinks and most spirits. We also feature fresh and great tasting water we collect from rainfall on our island. Meal packages are available for both adults and children, and more information can be found on our Rates page.

"The food is fantastic and such great value. Stay and eat here, you won't regret it."

- H_J, London, United Kingdom


Daily continental breakfasts are offered with a selection of cereals, home-made yoghurt, toast, & fruit. We also feature fresh coffee and teas, as well as various juices.


Daily lunches are offered and focus on good salads, fruit, pastas, sandwiches, etc. We can also pack picnic lunches if you want to explore the island, and we also provide lunch for our whale watching trips and other experiences such as a private day on one of our local uninhabited islands, or snorkelling on outer reefs from one of our boats.


Each evening we offer a two course dinner with a choice of two to three main options. Our main selections range from beef to chicken to fresh fish, as well as vegetarian options.We also serve fantastic desserts! Our menus are rotated daily to ensure a nice variety.

Special dietary needs?

Because we are in such a remote location, special dietary needs are very difficult to cater for. Every night we offer a meat or fish option and a vegetarian option for dinner. We ask that you are able to eat one of these options in our remote resort.

"Every evening there was a fish, meat and vegetarian option full of the delicious greens and herbs that are grown there...we live in Tonga and being able to produce this deliciousness given the remoteness is an art form!"

- Sara G